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Bringing Health Education to Armenian Villages

WiRED International, a group dedicated to bringing health information to remote villages worldwide, is now working to help rural Armenian villages.  Please read:

WiRED International Exploring Large-Scale Health Education Project for Armenia


Across Armenia, many sick people are traveling long distances to drink from volcanic hot springs in the village of Chermug, believing this will cure their illnesses. Throughout the country, particularly in villages, people are relying on green plants and grasses from their gardens or the wild as a source of “medications” for their ailments. And on national Armenian television, “a so-called ‘doctor’ is teaching the entire nation how to mix ‘things’ as treatment to various medical conditions,” said Dr. Ara Nahabedian, an orthopedic surgeon at Leighton Hospital in Crewe-Cheshire, England, who is working with the U.S.-based nonprofit WiRED International to bring a large-scale community health education program to Armenia.


Giving people knowledge about healthy practices, teaching them about harmful conditions, and showing them signs and symptoms of illness and disease can go a long way to improve health and avoid or reduce the need for costly treatments. Unfortunately, due to severe economic conditions in Armenia, many local people cannot afford medical expenses. “I have lived with families during my visits to Armenia and was shocked by the level of misinformation in the community, which is a direct result of poverty and people not consulting the existing professionals,” said Dr. Nahabedian. “Poverty is opening the market for the uncontrolled quangos to sell myths and lies to enhance their personal financial status. Just to be able to dispel these kinds of myths would save people in Armenia a lot of funds, which they could use for better purposes. Fortunately, for a population of about 2.5 million people, it should be easy to spread the truth and stop the lies.”


WiRED International, now in its 15th year as a respected leader in healthcare education, provides health training and prevention programs free of charge for grassroots communities. WiRED’s innovative Community Health Information (CHI) e-library program covers more than 160 topics, from HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to contagious diseases, nutrition, clean water, maternal and child care, diabetes, domestic abuse, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and much more. Working from the ground up, WiRED supplies computers, interactive training programs, and e-libraries, and trains local staff to operate a grassroots health education center, which often becomes a central part of the community’s health program. WiRED CHI centers are often the only reliable source of medical and health information available to people in developing areas. WiRED also works with doctors around the world to develop global healthcare projects, including echocardiogram and heart murmur training for doctors and nurses serving the world’s poorest regions and community training programs for rheumatic heart disease (RHD), a preventable condition that kills thousands of children annually.


WiRED’s health education project in Armenia would begin with five pilot centers -- in Amasia, Chambarak, Gavar, Noyemberyan, and Vardenis, which the Armenian Caritas would oversee locally -- and then would expand throughout Armenia. WiRED’s international team for this project includes AMIC; Dr. Ara Nahabedian; retired United Nations Program Officer Sebouh Baghdoyan; the Armenian Caritas, located in Gyumri, Armenia; and Diaspora Armenians. WiRED International stands ready to contribute $160,000 of in-kind services and materials, but donations are needed to make this program possible. To make a donation or to assist with healthcare module translations from English to Armenian, please contact kristen@wiredinternational.org. To learn more about WiRED International, visit www.wiredinternational.org.

We commend WiRED International and other groups working to bring health literacy to villages in Armenia.  This is a wonderful opportunity for volunteers who want to help by translating health information into Armenian.

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